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I was not this poor in previous grades, but just getting into grade 10 I lost interest. It is even worse when these markers are allowed to carry the papers to sleeping rooms. case study writers method in psychology slideshare As soon as we see things even getting better.

The only place where success comes before work is in a dictionary. We needs a complaints commission in Zambia because people really get a raw deal in service provision. essay writing reviews environmental pollution Keep sending in your valuable contributions. Thos ECZ is failing.. Not all had come for leakages.

I was not this poor in previous grades, but just getting into grade 10 I lost interest. The two gentlemen talk nicely but they have run of ideas so quickly. where to buy college research papers lesters Found an old mudala who had travelled all the way from kabompo to lusaka to collect his combined certificate only to b told no.. In Zambia people have no sense of shame. The anything goes attitude is so deep in their bones.

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Z enough time to sort out their house. Cry my beloved Zambia. Write my math paper zambia It is impractical for one not to have received his or her certificate by now, having paid for it as early as April of These codes are circulated professionally to some senior officers in the Ministry of Education including some ministers who print out these exams for their family members. Can it take over a year to print certificates?

These papers only filter to the general commoners in the public schools through these pupils who seek help from other pupils. Nansoni ECZ alibe zoona…kuli va so sure…u are losing the last shred of integrity u have…. Write my math paper zambia But when I completed my college, I saw that wherever I applied for employment a pass in mathematics is always a must for one to be considered. Unless the site has not updated the fees. We needs a complaints commission in Zambia because people really get a raw deal in service provision.

Lets be serious otherwise you as a minister will have failed in your capacity. He told us to wait until midnight when the papers would be leaked. Write my math paper zambia My nephew was told to bridge in order to qualify to study there…meanwhile if yoy look at the matric system.. Nowadays, teachers are scared as they know the consequences of leakages and they cannot risk their jobs. Letters to Editor

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What i hate in zambia is this so called african time…. I have shared this story during this time when GCE exams are near to help someone out there who thinks they can pass using leakages or someone writing for them. customized paper weight It should be taken further. Examination malpractices such as leakages seem to be the trend each year in Zambia.

So I enquired from people who had passed how they managed; I was told it was only through hard work. If indeed the certificates are printed in the UK which I believe has an efficient system, why is it taking so long? How examination malpractices are carried out in Zambia September 2, Day two since this letter was posted. best writing paper borders to print ECZ shame on you…have you seen the number of views this has generated…if i were in ECZ now i would not be thinking i will have a good xmas 0.

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The sad thing about this debacle is that other people from other countries are reading about this……. Good day, so in effect u as an employee of ECZ are telling me somones life has got to be on hold for five years? Not all had come for leakages.

After waiting for some hours he was called again and this time he said he was in town and on his way home. For some it takes one explanation and no practice, others twice and so on and so forth. Write my math paper zambia In class where I was not clear I would ask some of my friends; even after this change they still viewed me as the same person helpless at math, leakage was the only solution.

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